Writing Tutors

Writing Tutors What you need to know to choose the right writing tutor:

Let’s face it, from the moment your child start to work on their fine motor skills, you try to put a pencil in their hand and encourage them to make a mark out of it. Whether it’s a squiggly line, or a bunch of dots, you are already envisioning when your child will write their first word. An effective writing tutor should acknowledge the steps and the process necessary to help children learn to write. After all, writing skills can be the ticket to greater academic achievements, and even better jobs.

Like reading, writing cannot be taught and learned in one day. Children need to be taught letter recognition to word families before they are able to write full sentences. Grammar, sentence structure, and punctuation all come to play when we are writing. An effective writing tutor should be trained to help your child excel in their writing skills to make their thoughts more organized, clear and creative. Choose a tutor that is qualified and accredited to ensure the techniques used to improve your child’s writing skills are effective.

What Makes Writing So Important?

  • Writing is the primary basis upon which work, learning, and intellect is judged
  • Writing expresses who you are as a person.
  • Writing is portable and permanent. It makes one’s thinking visible.
  • Writing promotes the ability to pose worthwhile questions.
  • Writing fosters the ability to explain a complex position to readers, and to one’s self.
  • Writing helps others give feedback.
  • Writing helps one refine ideas when giving others feedback.
  • Writing requires one to anticipate the reader’s needs and the ability to do so demonstrates one’s intellectual flexibility and maturity.
  • Writing ideas down preserves them so that one can reflect upon them later.
  • Writing out one’s ideas permits the evaluation of the adequacy of one’s argument.
  • Writing stimulates one to extend a line of thought beyond the first impressions or gut responses.
  • Writing helps one understand how truth is established in a given discipline.
  • Writing equips one with the communication and thinking skills needed to participate effectively in democracy.
  • Writing is an essential career skill.

Searching for a writing tutor:

Writing Tutors TorontoThe elementary school systems in Ontario have standards and expectations for children to reach at certain grade levels. Children are expected to read and write along with understanding appropriate levels of math, languages and science. However, learning to write at a young age takes time. To become a prolific writer takes time, nurturing from the teacher and a lot of practicing. Of course, this includes having the parents be involved in a child’s life. If you see that your child is struggling with their writing in school, there are options to help them.

Parents can find tutors in Toronto that will be able to assist their children to understand the curriculum that is being taught in school. If your child is falling behind, it is wise to think about having a tutor offer their expertise to make sure that your child will get the necessary support to improve his or her writing skills.