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Why Choose Skylyn Learning? What you need to know to choose the right math tutor:

Children learn math best through tactile activities and by using real life scenarios. These are called manipulatives. Children learn best when they are able to relate math to their everyday life and own experiences. Using manipulative, such as common household items, allows the children to “see” what is taught and visually absorb a math concepts as they are being taught.

An effective math tutor should strongly encourage children to explore, solve problems using trial and error, and to walk through the problem solving techniques that they use step-by-step. By doing so, children are thinking aloud, which gives a math tutor the opportunity to know whether or not your child is on the right track and learning.

Why Choose Skylyn Learning?At school, children learn the concepts in the Ontario Mathematics Curriculum in five major areas; Number Sense and Numeration, Measurement, Geometry and Spatial Sense, Patterning and Algebra, and Data Management and Probability. You will see these strand names on your child's report card. Many children exhibit different strengths and weaknesses on particular math areas. An effective math tutor should be able to diagnose a student’s needs and provide tutoring lessons accordingly.

Tips for you (parents) to help your children in math:

Be positive about math!

  • Let your child know that everyone can learn math.
  • Let your child know that you think math is important and fun.
  • Point out the ways in which different family members use math in their jobs.
  • Be positive about your own math abilities. Try to avoid saying "I was never good at math" or "I never liked math".
  • Encourage your child to be persistent if a problem seems difficult.
  • Praise your child when he or she makes an effort, and share in the excitement when he or she solves a problem or understands something for the first time.
Make math part of your child's day!
  • Point out to your child the many ways in which math is used in everyday activities.
  • Encourage your child to tell or show you how he or she uses math in everyday life.
  • Include your child in everyday activities that involve math – making purchases, measuring ingredients, and counting out plates and utensils for dinner.
  • Play games and do puzzles with your child that involve math. They may focus on direction or time, logic and reasoning, sorting, or estimating.
  • Do math problems with your child for fun.
  • In addition to math tools, such as a ruler and a calculator, use handy household objects, such as a measuring cup and containers of various shapes and sizes, when doing math with your child.
Encourage your child to give explanations!
  • When your child is trying to solve a math problem, ask what he or she is thinking. If your child seems puzzled, ask him or her to tell you what doesn't make sense. Talking about their ideas and how they reach solutions helps children learn to reason mathematically.
  • Suggest that your child act out a problem to solve it. Have your child show how he or she reached a conclusion by drawing pictures and moving objects as well as by using words.
  • Treat errors as opportunities to help your child learn something new.

Searching for math tutors:

If you are a student looking for math tutoring in Toronto and the GTA, there are many options to consider for your needed assistance in math. With many different private tutoring services in Toronto, offering specialized math tutoring for elementary students, parents have the options in Toronto to seek for the best tutoring service to help their children succeed at an early age.

If children are struggling with their math studies at an early age, finding an effective math tutor will provide them with the necessary tools in math tutoring and will elevate them to greater heights in their studies at an early age in Toronto. One of the advantages of searching for a Toronto math tutor is that there are many resources online to find the right tutor.

One of the first steps that you should consider when you are looking to hire a tutor for your child to help them with math studies in Toronto, is to do some research online and find online directories and websites of individuals and companies providing information on their services. You will be able to find many and with that information you can contact them directly and see what they can offer your child.

Be sure that you give your child the necessary skills to succeed in math with a math tutor in Toronto. Whether the tutor is an individual or a private tutoring company, finding an effective and accredited Toronto math tutor is important.