Forming a Relationship

At Skylyn Learning we are focused on quality, not quantity. We strive to be to best, not the biggest. All our tutors have been carefully selected based on their capabilities with children, qualifications in elementary education, and experience in the profession of teaching and education.


All Skylyn tutors are fully certified teachers, qualified by the Ontario College of Teachers (O.C.T.)

OCT qualified tutors have full understanding of the Ontario curriculum. They know what and how students are learning in Ontario classrooms. OCT qualified tutors have been trained by the top professionals in the education field and posses knowledge of the most effective methods of teaching and learning.

Our confidence in the quality of our tutoring services stems from the qualifications, knowledge, and expertise of our qualified tutors in Toronto and the GTA.


Skylyn Learning specializes in elementary tutoring. We only provide qualified teacher specialized in elementary education, by the Ontario College of Teachers.

An individual’s fundamental personal characteristics are formed by roughly the age of 10. Investing in a child’s education at an early age will produce desirable grades in school now and it will form an attitude that is eager and confident when confronted with any challenge and is self-motivated to strive for any sought after goals. These qualities are necessary for success both in school and all facets of life, especially in our increasingly competitive world.

Skylyn provides elementary tutoring services in Toronto and the GTA to address learning obstacles at a young age in order to eliminate roadblocks that may hinder your child’s ability to learn more complex concepts in higher grades.

Our private tutors strive to instill effective learning strategies during the elementary years of education to make your child an efficient and eager self-learner for years to come.

Skylyn tutors in Toronto and GTA will pave the way for your child to continuously succeed in the higher levels of education ahead.


Skylyn Learning provides customized tutoring programs uniquely catered to your child’s weaknesses and strengths.

Predefined curriculums are necessary for teacher dealing with today’s large classroom sizes. However, this eliminates the option for teachers to focus on the students whose learning styles, needs, strengths, and weaknesses differ from the majority of the class. Majority of students learn best through visual lessons, but many need to be engaged through their auditory and tactile senses to fully understand and grasp a concept or lesson. Private tutoring provides a unique opportunity for children to be individually catered to according to their learning style.

Our private tutors in Toronto and GTA use Skylyn’s Diagnostic Evaluation to accurately gage and break down your child’s weaknesses, strengths, learning style, and interests. This information will be incorporated into a customized tutoring program that will be specifically designed to peak your child’s unique interests.


Skylyn Learning’s unique method of positive reinforcement has proven as a strong and successful tool for building self-interest in higher academic achievement in our students.

As parents, you understand that good behaviour is most often repeated if positively reinforced. If the repetition of such behaviours is constantly challenged and rewarded, children will adopt these behaviours into their personality and everyday life. The results can be extraordinarily and long-lasting, especially towards education and higher academic achievement, if implemented correctly.

Our in-home tutors in Toronto and GTA positively reinforce desired learning behaviour and outcomes, as unique gifts and incentives are granted for various levels of academic achievements, which are based on your child’s interests and hobbies.

Our private tutors design individualized rewards programs for students to peak interest and create a unique, fun and rewarding learning experience.


Skylyn’s private tutors perform a proven diagnostic evaluation of every student, which becomes the foundation of an individualized instructional plan that facilitates the uniqueness of each and every individual towards the common goal of academic success.

Our one-on-one tutors in Toronto and the GTA use both quantitative and qualitative assessment strategies to determine every student’s strengths, weaknesses, gifts, MIs (Multiple Intelligences), learning style (visual, auditory, tactile, etc.), and interests. By gathering such information, our private tutors can accurately design an instructional plan that caters to your child’s areas of improvement and learning style.

This evaluation takes into account social elements, such as hobbies and interests, which are used to create a customized rewards program and to deliver lessons and instructions in the most enjoyable and engaging way possible.