Home Tutoring Advantages TorontoIn-home tutoring combines the skills, knowledge, and experience of OCT Qualified teachers with the comfort of your home. Regular schooling can be a challenging learning experience for kids, as many distractions act as barriers that hinder a child’s ability to learn. Your child may feel discouraged in light of other classmates, especially if your child is struggling while other peers are learning with less difficulty. In turn, the inevitable results are developing low self-esteem coupled with lack of confidence which will form a negative attitude towards school and education; losing interest in learning altogether. This disinterest then translates into other aspects of life; where your child will undermine the potential they possess in order to succeed.

A Skylyn tutor will bridge the gap between school and home, providing the right support and motivation to overcome the challenges that children are facing in their regular classrooms. Your child will develop a natural attraction towards education and academic success, which will only help your child get back to par, and gain a competitive edge in school.


One-on-one tutoring allows a teacher to focus on one student’s needs; acting as a catalyst for learning. In a regular classroom, teachers typically instruct an average of 30 students per class, while adhering to a set curriculum and meeting deadlines. These administrative duties are placed at top priority, all at the expense of your child’s quality of education. In order for your child to perform to the best of their abilities, teachers and tutors must accommodate their instruction to various learning styles (visual, auditory, and tactile), weaknesses, strengths and MIs (Multiple Intelligences). With one-on-one tutoring, your child will receive instructions specifically catered to achieve maximum results and your child will begin to grasp concepts much faster and thoroughly; retaining the subject matter over a longer period of time.

A Skylyn tutor will diagnose your child’s learning style, MIs, strengths and weaknesses immediately and customize the teaching style and the tutoring program accordingly; turning your child’s learning disadvantages at school into learning advantages at home.


In-home tutoring allows teachers to comfortably and effectively connect with students.

Children tend to be too shy or embarrassed to ask questions when in need of clarification, especially in the presence of other students. Alternatively, students may find it intimidating to approach a teacher outside of classroom environment. In order to ensure that your child feels open to communicate any uncertainties, a teacher must form a personal connection with the student, a bond that unfortunately cannot be made in a regular classroom.

A Skylyn tutor will provide your child with professional guidance at the comfort of home; creating an effective and approachable learning environment for your child.


Private tutoring allows a teacher to ignite self-interest in academic success and learning through personalized positive reinforcement.

Children tend to misuse their time as they devote hours towards television, videogames and other pastimes instead of school work. This is due to a lack of interest which stems from unforeseen results. In order for your child to achieve desirable results in school, they must have the interest and the desire to learn. The solution lies in creating an individualized instructional plan that incorporates your child’s interests and hobbies into the learning process; resulting in the formation of a natural and exciting bond between life-at-school and life-at-home. The application of this method into a regular classroom is nearly impossible, for a generalized instructional plan would be far more efficient in addressing a large class.

A Skylyn tutor has the Skylyn Reward’s Program advantage, while incorporating your child’s interests and hobbies into a non conventional instruction plan that is designed to captivate your child’s interest, keeping them excited and motivated to learn. This results in your child’s genuine desire to strive for higher academic achievement as they begin to see the results they’ve earned entirely.


In-home tutoring brings the qualified teacher’s knowledge and experience with the Ontario Curriculum, to your door steps. Assessments are vital as they demonstrate a student’s knowledge and indicate the areas and concepts that require more clarification from an instructor’s perspective. Unfortunately, in a regular classroom, these necessary assessments are carried out periodically, once over a span of weeks, which is ineffective as it becomes difficult to detect and reverse an area of misunderstanding after allowing weeks of theory to accumulate. As subject experts, OCT qualified tutors are able to cover their respective specialty through various teaching methods to ensure full comprehension. OCT qualified tutors are up-to-date with the Ontario curriculum, which allows them to identify misunderstandings, learning gaps, and anything else that may have been overlooked in their regular classroom.

A Skylyn tutor will provide your child with professional guidance as a subject expert, coach, and assessor; allowing the pace of learning to correlate with the level of understanding exhibited by your child through on-going assessments.


Qualified private tutors provide professional support for your child’s academic needs. Out of frustration, many parents all too often blame the child for poor study habits and grades. This negative approach, which is essentially motivated by a parent will to see their children succeed, does not in any way promote its intentions. Demanding your child to study or do homework typically makes little to no impact on the disinterest that accounts for such behaviour. Ultimately, children must learn how to learn, not just what to learn. They must learn to set goals and be motivated to achieve them. Providing your child with positive reinforcement and the right support and guidance along the path to success will transform the negative outlook of learning into a positive one, where your child will become eager and open to learn and succeed.

A Skylyn tutor will provide professional support and powerful positive reinforcement methods (Skylyn’s Reward Program) to help your child develop a learning strategy that best suits him or her.