E.Q.A.O Preparation - To be prepared is the key to success.

E.Q.A.O. standardized tests provide important information about your child’s achievements in relation to the provincial standard. Preparing for the E.Q.A.O. standardized tests may require strategic planning and professional guidance. Skylyn Learning’s EQAO tutors in Toronto are Ontario qualified teachers. They know how, and what, students are learning in Ontario classrooms and have a clear understanding of the Ontario education system.

At Sklylyn Learning, we combine our unique customized tutoring programs with the expertise of our qualified teachers to deliver one-on-one individualized lessons to your child, right at comfort of your home, on your preferred schedule, and with maximum effectiveness.

E.Q.A.O Preparation tutoring programs include e-mail and phone tutoring, as well as the Skylyn Rewards Program, backed by our GUARANTEE. Start with a FREE PROFESSIONAL CONSULTATION to discuss your child’s situation and leave the hard work to the professional tutors.

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